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CAII Student Jack Bai Presents at HP3C CONFERENCE

CAII student Hao (Jack) Bai recently presented “Modern Distributed Data-Parallel Large-Scale Pre-training Strategies For NLP models” at HP3C: High Performance Compilation, Computing and Communications conference.

Abstract: Distributed deep learning is becoming increasingly popular due to the expanding demand for computing resources for deep learning models with a larger amount of parameters. Different from traditional training approaches, data-parallel training allows multiple compute nodes to train large deep learning models simultaneously in order to boost the training efficiency. In this paper, we present and compare six strategies for data-parallel training using PyTorch on the language model GPT-2 with 100M parameters using a qualitative approach. These strategies are Single GPU, Single Parameter Server, Distributed Parameter Server, Horovod, Distributed Parameter Server with Apex mixed-precision strategy, and Horovod with Apex mixed-precision strategy. We also analyze the quantitative experiment results from each strategy. In the end, we draw the conclusion that the Distributed Parameter Server with Apex mixedprecision strategy has the best performance on single node training, while Horovod with Apex is the most robust approach to use when we have single or multiple nodes.

View presentation here