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Director of CAII Speaks on Panel

Panel Discussion: Artificial Intelligence Implications on Teaching and Learning

Dr. Volodymyr Kindratenko, Director, Center for AI Innovation at NCSA participated in a CITL Panel on AI and its implications on Teaching and Learning which was held on March, 2nd 2023. The panel was convened to discuss items related to the meteoric rise of generative AI like ChatGPT going mainstream and how it impacts teaching and learning in higher education.

It is important to have these critical academic conversations. Coming soon will be system-wide guidance as campus groups evaluate various aspects of this new technology.

The recording of the discussion is now up at:

CITL has some initial guidance about ChatGPT: Artificial Intelligence Implications in Teaching and Learning.

If you want other perspectives, next Wednesday, March 8 at noon, the College of Education is hosting a panel on The Impact of ChatGPT on the Research of Teaching & Learning.