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CAII puts on regular hackathons to give students, faculty and staff across the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign a platform to showcase their skills through friendly competition. These hackathons are 2-day intensive experiences where teams work on challenging problems faced by academia and industry that involve deep learning.

The goal of these events is to create a functional model that can be picked up for further development by a related research group. Top performing teams are awarded with cutting-edge hardware for AI research and gaming. Past hackathons were co-sponsored by NVIDIA with the main prize being Titan V GPU cards.

SprinG 2024 Hackathon

  • 2024 Ashby Prize in Computational Science Hackathon – Date TBA – (link to come soon)

Past hackathon events


AI knowledge is in high demand both for academic research and for job opportunities in the private sector. To help encourage increased exposure in this area, CAII conducts training sessions that are open to anyone interested in learning more about AI.

Our goal is to give everyone the opportunity to access AI knowledge and use cutting-edge technologies like the HAL cluster at NCSA.

If learning about AI appeals to you, attend one of our training sessions.

Upcoming training events

Fall Semester 2022

Archived training materials

Spring 2022