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Upcoming Hackathon January 24-28, 2022

Students, looking for an upcoming hackathon to participate in? We invite you to participate in an AI hackathon organized by The University of Chicago, Argonne’s Data and Science Learning Division, Argonne Leadership Computing Facility and the Center for Artificial Intelligence Innovation at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications. 

The theme of this event is AI and Innovative Computing for Molecular Dynamics. We have selected two problems for this competition that may be found here

All the required data and computational resources for this event will be provided to registered participants. We encourage you to sign up at your earliest convenience using this on-line form.

Deadline for registration is 31 December 2021. This event will take place throughout the week of 24-28 January 2022.

We will assemble teams that will include 3-4 members with expertise in AI, computing and molecular dynamics. All selected participants will get access to a Slack space where they will be able to interact with AI, computing and molecular dynamics experts throughout the competition. 

Each winning team will receive a special prize consisting of an NVIDIA gaming card. 

We look forward to your participation! 

On behalf of the organizers 

Juan de Pablo, University of Chicago and Argonne National Laboratory 

Eliu Huerta, University of Chicago and Argonne National Laboratory

Ian Foster, University of Chicago and Argonne National Laboratory

Mike Papka, Argonne National Laboratory

Ludwig Schneider, University of Chicago 

Joshua Mysona, University of Chicago

Pablo Zubieta, University of Chicago

Volodymyr Kindrateno, National Center for Supercomputing Applications

Tom Gibbs, NVIDIA