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CAII Students Present at AICE meeting

Amazon-Illinois Center on AI for Interactive Conversational Experiences Spring Research Symposium

Four students from the Center for Artificial Intelligence Innovations presented at The AICE Spring Research Symposium which was held on March 5 in Chicago, Illinois. The AICE Experiences Symposium brought together thought leaders from academia and industry to foster collaborations and build a community for research, education, and infrastructure to accelerate AI for interactive conversational experiences.

The symposium showcased AI conversational systems created by AICE researchers and students. The following researchers and students from CAII attended:

Dr. Kindratenko and Vignesh Srinivasakumar gave a joint presentation on “From Personalized Education to Scientific Discovery with AI: Rapid Deployment of AI Domain Experts”.

The students prepared and presented a poster titled, “From Personalized Education to Scientific Discovery with AI”.