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EOH 2024 at NCSA

More details about winning 2nd place!

EOH visitors are shown the UIUC chatbot.

The Center for AI Innovation (CAII) showcased their work on the platform, a project SPIN student Maxwell Lindsey has contributed to. This chatbot gives users a more customizable AI chat experience. The exhibit showed how the chatbot was loaded with specific agriculture information to create a resource for identifying crop diseases. CAII won second place for this exhibit.

As a SPIN Intern with NCSA, working on UIUC.Chat has been an incredible opportunity to apply my skills to a project with real-world impact. UIUC.Chat is revolutionizing the way students interact with course materials, making learning more accessible and efficient. Our project harnesses the power of AI to create a virtual teaching assistant that provides accurate and reliable information to students.–Maxwell Lindsey, SPIN intern

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